Financial Diversification in 5 Flavours

Financial diversification is a fairly predictable topic for Easter Sunday. The abundance of Easter eggs and baskets gives us the ideal opportunity to ponder some flavours of financial risk. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is an ancient proverb, believed to be of Spanish or Italian origin. It’s commonly attributed to the bookContinue reading “Financial Diversification in 5 Flavours”

5 good reasons to give away hard-earned cash to your kids’ Junior ISAs

Much as we all love our kids, giving away our hard earned cash for them to enjoy when they hit age 18 might not feel like a top priority. But step back for a minute and think about the advantages – here are five to be going on with

Can your kids talk the language of money?

At what age do children begin learning personal finance at school? Oh yeah…… they don’t. Well, not to a level that prepares them for adult life anyway. And did you know that most of our money attitudes are developed by age 7? So it’s never too early (or too late) to learn about personal finance.Continue reading “Can your kids talk the language of money?”