Money is not the problem – it’s your habitudes

Money is often the source of arguments, anxiety and judgement. Lack of it can prevent life goals from being achieved, too much can attract criticism and envy. The absence of financial education in schools and workplaces is often blamed, but that’s only part of the problem. It’s our money ‘habitudes’ that often drive financial success,Continue reading “Money is not the problem – it’s your habitudes”

Coaching, planning and advice – what’s right for you?

What’s the difference between financial coaching, planning and advice? It’s not a joke, by the way. But it is the cause of some debate within the financial services industry. There are many types of adviser and different interpretations of what they all do. As a result, it can be really confusing for people who needContinue reading “Coaching, planning and advice – what’s right for you?”

My journey to self-employment

After gradually building up the components of an online financial coaching practice, I finally left the security of full-time employment this week. Here’s a condensed summary of my journey to the fear, freedom and excitement of self-employment. It’s been a long time coming After 30 years of working in financial services, I finally gained theContinue reading “My journey to self-employment”

What Financial Coaching is Not

Financial coaching is a relatively new concept in the UK. Although it’s not very well known yet, it could help millions of people. To be clear, it’s not advice, it’s not therapy and it’s not just for the wealthy. But it can transform the financial outlook for whole families. To get a better feel forContinue reading “What Financial Coaching is Not”

Why people retire poor: Parkinson’s Law

Most people retire poor, or at least they don’t fulfil their dreams. That seems to be the consensus of statisticians and academic studies. In the UK, nearly 2 million pensioners are defined as being in poverty, according to Age UK. That means living on less than 60% of the UK’s average income. Many more don’tContinue reading “Why people retire poor: Parkinson’s Law”

Three money tips for a romantic re-balance

What’s your plans for this lockdown Valentine’s Day? Restaurant owners will be counting the cost of lost business as the ‘stay at home’ guidance drags on, but maybe you’ll be planning a romantic dinner at home? It could be the ideal opportunity to talk about something many of us avoid – not money, as such,Continue reading “Three money tips for a romantic re-balance”

The Joy of Christmas Gifts and the Woes of Christmas Debt

What do society, friends and family expect of you at this time of year? Is the pressure on to find gifts that will deliver Christmas Joy as an antidote to the long, dark, winter nights? According to the Bank of England, the typical UK household spends an extra £800 in December – £3,300 compared toContinue reading “The Joy of Christmas Gifts and the Woes of Christmas Debt”

Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Drugs and Biases

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday bombardment of emails and adverts has begun. This American phenomenon, which made its way over to the UK a few years ago, has become an annual frenzy of consumer meltdown. For some, it’s a chance to grab genuine bargains but for others, it triggers a perfect storm of behaviouralContinue reading “Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Drugs and Biases”

Price is what you pay, value is what you get

One of the best-known quotes from investing legend, Warren Buffet: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get” Warren Buffet What does it mean? Well, the quote is set in the context of investing – buying stocks and shares in companies around the world. But the message is just as relevant to spendingContinue reading “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”