Like your finances, my paddle board needs the right amount of inflation

Whilst on holiday, touring the Highlands of Scotland, I’ve been making good use of my inflatable paddle board. It’s not always easy to get balance right and I’ve found myself in cold water a few times. Unfortunately, I have a small leak, which means having to boost the paddle board with some additional inflation everyContinue reading “Like your finances, my paddle board needs the right amount of inflation”

3 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

What does financial freedom mean to you? Most people have a vague notion of wanting to get there, but it’s tricky to define. It can mean different things to different people. Generally, it’s about having financial choices in life. Invariably, it requires the accumulation of wealth and for that to happen, your need to placeContinue reading “3 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom”

5 good reasons to give away hard-earned cash to your kids’ Junior ISAs

Much as we all love our kids, giving away our hard earned cash for them to enjoy when they hit age 18 might not feel like a top priority. But step back for a minute and think about the advantages – here are five to be going on with

The most popular type of ISA is…………?

It seems that we do love a Cash ISA compared to the other options, as shown in the graph from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) below. But with interest rates at all-time lows, is cash the best place for our savings? We’ll take a closer look at other types of ISA over the nextContinue reading “The most popular type of ISA is…………?”

Can your kids talk the language of money?

At what age do children begin learning personal finance at school? Oh yeah…… they don’t. Well, not to a level that prepares them for adult life anyway. And did you know that most of our money attitudes are developed by age 7? So it’s never too early (or too late) to learn about personal finance.Continue reading “Can your kids talk the language of money?”

Pay Yourself First

When you receive your monthly income, do you pay yourself first, ahead of all the other bills? It’s a question you may not have thought about much. Not properly. But assuming you do consider your future life to be important, you need to make an investment. That means balancing what you spend now against whatContinue reading “Pay Yourself First”

Money, emergencies and rainy days

Most of us like the idea of having money set aside for a rainy day and generally speaking, financial advisers will tell us to keep at least 3 to 6 months’ of expenditure aside for emergencies. I agree, but what’s difference between a ‘rainy day’ and an ‘emergency’? According to a report by comparison websiteContinue reading “Money, emergencies and rainy days”