Have you claimed your ‘working from home’ tax relief?

Well, that’s the central heating on again, now that the clocks have gone back for the winter. This year, along with millions of other households, it will need to stay on more than usual due to us working from home. Fortunately, there is a little bit of financial help available for employees. Her Majesty’s RevenueContinue reading “Have you claimed your ‘working from home’ tax relief?”

3 ways to increase the joy of giving

How often do you support good causes through raffles, cash donations and other fundraisers? These efforts not only have an important benefit to our local and national third sector organisations, but for us individually, it can provide a great sense of well-being. Studies show that charitable giving doesn’t just benefit the organisations we help. ItContinue reading “3 ways to increase the joy of giving”

3 Simple Steps towards Financial Freedom

What does financial freedom mean to you? Most people have a vague notion of wanting to get there, but it’s tricky to define. It can mean different things to different people. But generally, it’s about having financial choices in life. Invariably, it involves the accumulation of wealth and for that to happen, your need toContinue reading “3 Simple Steps towards Financial Freedom”


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