New Year Resolutions? No Thanks

Apparently, the most popular New Year Resolutions are 1. Exercise more….. 2. Lose weight…. 3. Get organised…..*yawn* bored already. No wonder most people don’t stick with their own resolutions. I get the sentiment of it all and I actually like setting goals and creating plans to achieve them. But I don’t think I have theContinue reading “New Year Resolutions? No Thanks”

The Joy of Christmas Gifts and the Woes of Christmas Debt

What do society, friends and family expect of you at this time of year? Is the pressure on to find gifts that will deliver Christmas Joy as an antidote to the long, dark, winter nights? According to the Bank of England, the typical UK household spends an extra £800 in December – £3,300 compared toContinue reading “The Joy of Christmas Gifts and the Woes of Christmas Debt”


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