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GroWiser Financial Coaching is open to individuals and couples six days a week, including a couple of evenings to help those who work during the day. Coaching sessions generally last an hour and it all begins with a friendly chat to find out more about each other.

It’s likely that you’ll have one or more financial challenges you’d like to work on. It might be simply to understand your pensions or investments, create better savings habits or get rid of debt. Or maybe you’ve started to think about the bigger picture; a career change, starting your own business, your family’s financial security or preparing for retirement.

There are five main themes that GroWiser Financial Coaching can help you with. If you think we could work together on one or more of these, get in touch for a virtual tea or coffee and we can chat through your options:

Step 1

A free 30 minute virtual meeting or telephone call to find out more. Learn about how coaching differs to advice and what you could gain from the experience. We can meet up on Zoom, or another video conferencing app if you prefer. Why not book an appointment now?

Step 2

Once you’re satisfied that we can work well together, we begin your journey with a 60 to 90 minute ‘Discovery Meeting’. This forms the first building block of your financial coaching or planning programme and helps establish the outcomes you would like to achieve.

Your Discovery Meeting is included within either of the programmes below. If you would rather not commit to a full programme, individual coaching and mentoring sessions can be purchased on an ‘ad hoc’ basis.

Step 3

You will now have a clear plan of action as we move into more detailed work. Our sessions together will broadly follow one of two paths:

Financial Coaching Programme

Coaching can unblock obstacles to your financial success. This series of 6 sessions includes the ‘Discovery Meeting’ outlined above, followed by coaching and mentoring to achieve your desired outcome. You can expect to become financially empowered, with the confidence to make your own decisions about life and money. You can also book individual sessions on an ‘ad hoc’ basis.

Financial Life Planning Programme

You may feel well organised on a day to day basis, yet have a lingering ‘anxiety’ about the future. Maybe it’s uncertainty about whether or not you’re on track for retirement. Or perhaps you have a business idea but feel nervous about giving up secure employment. Financial Life Planning looks more deeply at how to live your best life, with the creation of a comprehensive financial plan.

Step 4

Money Mentoring Membership

Many clients move on to an ongoing membership service. This includes knowledge updates, quarterly coaching sessions and email support. The aim is to empower you towards long term financial wellbeing, with the freedom and peace of mind that can bring.

GroWiser Financial Coaching is a trading name of Wellstech Financial Ltd. Registered in Scotland, company number SC491686. Registered address: 18 Knowesley Park, Haddington, East Lothian, EH41 3TB.

We are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and will never recommend or provide opinion on the suitability of financial products such as pensions, investments, insurance contracts or debt arrangements. We can help you understand your relationship with money and plan for your future financial peace of mind, but we are not a financial intermediary. If you need specific advice, you should seek the services of a regulated financial adviser or a regulated debt counsellor.

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