Time to get off the Hedonic Treadmill?

The hedonic treadmill is the tendency for humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness, despite major positive or negative events in life. As a person makes more money, expectations and desires rise, so there is no permanent gain in happiness.

5 Ideas to Nurture Your Wealth

If you truly nurture your wealth, you’re in the enlightened minority. Many of us nurture our gardens, our children and hopefully our health. But the idea of growing assets can seem vulgar to some, undeserved by others. A whole range of emotions come in to play with this topic, but really, it’s about investing forContinue reading “5 Ideas to Nurture Your Wealth”

Rainy days and money emergencies

Having money set aside for a rainy day is very appealing, but don’t confuse that with planning for unexpected money emergencies. A basic principle of good financial planning is to keep at least 3 to 6 months’ of expenditure as an emergency fund. Most people in the UK have not yet managed to save thisContinue reading “Rainy days and money emergencies”

What Financial Coaching is Not

Financial coaching is a relatively new concept in the UK. Although it’s not very well known yet, it could help millions of people. To be clear, it’s not advice, it’s not therapy and it’s not just for the wealthy. But it can transform the financial outlook for whole families. To get a better feel forContinue reading “What Financial Coaching is Not”

The Holiday Paradox – why time speeds up

Why does time seem to speed up as we get older? And what is the ‘Holiday Paradox’? These are a couple of questions I’ve been reflecting on during the last year of lockdowns and travel bans. As Covid restrictions begin to ease, my thoughts are now turning to a summer holiday. Nowhere fancy, but aContinue reading “The Holiday Paradox – why time speeds up”

Financial Diversification in 5 Flavours

Financial diversification is a fairly predictable topic for Easter Sunday. The abundance of Easter eggs and baskets gives us the ideal opportunity to ponder some flavours of financial risk. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is an ancient proverb, believed to be of Spanish or Italian origin. It’s commonly attributed to the bookContinue reading “Financial Diversification in 5 Flavours”