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Graham Wells

Graham Wells FPFS, Cert CII(MP), CCIBS

I’m Graham, a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and a Chartered Financial Planner with the Chartered Insurance Institute. I have spent 30 years working and learning within financial services.

My career has given me experience as a regulated financial adviser, training consultant, supervisor and development coach. More recently, I have explored more about the human side of personal finance, gaining the Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate from Wise Monkey Financial Coaching. I am also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), having completed the Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice with Full Circle Global.

One of the most rewarding elements of this work is the privilege of listening to people from all walks of life describe their passions and hopes for the future.

Some people need practical help with day to day budgeting, saving and spending. Others need guidance through the financial maze of pensions, investments, debts and insurances.

Many just need time to be heard. Having someone truly listen, without judgement, to what you want to achieve in life can be transformative. That’s my passion.

I do not sell financial products and I will not bamboozle you with complicated, boring financial jargon. But I can help you build an exciting, personalised financial life plan and empower you to take control of your own financial decisions.

You can find out more about me at LinkedIn.


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GroWiser Financial Coaching Values

Personal and financial growth - GroWiser Values


We value personal growth as well as financial growth. It’s the ongoing process of understanding and developing ourselves in order to achieve our fullest potential.

Integrity - GroWiser Values


The foundation for relationships and trust, integrity is doing the right thing, being honest with yourself and others, and behaving in line with your moral principles and ethics.



The notions of inter-dependence, communication and connection help us leave places better than we find them. Not just our local, geographical communities, but online groups and organisations we care about.



The value of freedom cannot be overstated. It’s the ability to live life as we choose and to have financial options in life.



The integration of knowledge, experience and deep understanding to help enjoy a life in tune with our values.