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Graham Wells FPFS, Cert CII(MP), CCIBS

I’m Graham Wells, financial coach and founder of GroWiser. After many years in the regulated advice space, I have chosen to move away from the sale of financial products and the technical aspects of wealth management. Instead, my focus has shifted to what’s most important – you and your financial wellbeing. What I enjoy most is working with individuals and couples in the mid-career stage, with passions and hopes for the future.

Often, we can find ourselves held back in life by financial concerns. Or perhaps self limiting beliefs, overwhelm or a general sense of anxiety. I recognise this all the time and I empathise – I’ve been there myself. Having witnessed and experienced the power of coaching, my work now combines this with financial know-how. I will help empower you to transform your financial future.

Perhaps you need practical help with day to day saving and spending. Or maybe you’d like to improve your relationship with money by focussing on financial behaviours and emotions. Either way, I can walk with you, through the financial maze of pensions, investments, debts and insurances.

My Career

Over the years, I have spent time as a regulated financial adviser, training consultant, supervisor and development coach. More recently, I have explored the human side of personal finance, gaining the Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate from Wise Monkey Financial Coaching.

In 2021, I completed the Financial Wellbeing Certificate with the Institute for Financial Wellbeing and I’m a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This followed my completion of the Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice with Full Circle Global.

As a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and a Chartered Financial Planner with the Chartered Insurance Institute, I have spent more than 30 years working within financial services. Despite this, I will never stop learning.

I do not sell financial products and I will not bore you with complicated financial jargon. But I can help you build an exciting, personalised financial life plan. And empower you to take control of your own financial decisions.

Our Purpose

GroWiser Financial Coaching was founded to educate, inspire and empower individuals and couples to progress their own journey towards financial success.

Our Values

The five values below reflect the founding principles of GroWiser and the personal values of founder, Graham Wells.

Knowing your own personal values is the bedrock towards financial wellbeing. If you’re unsure of your values, coaching can help to identify them.

Personal and financial growth - values of Graham Wells and GroWiser Financial Coaching


We value personal growth as well as financial growth. It’s the ongoing process of understanding and developing ourselves in order to achieve our fullest potential.

Integrity - values of Graham Wells and GroWiser Financial Coaching


The foundation for relationships and trust, integrity is doing the right thing, being honest with yourself and others, and behaving in line with your moral principles and ethics.

Community - values of Graham Wells and GroWiser Financial Coaching


The notions of inter-dependence, communication and connection help us leave places better than we find them. Not just our local, geographical communities, but online groups and organisations we care about.

Freedom - values of Graham Wells and GroWiser Financial Coaching


The value of freedom cannot be overstated. It’s the ability to live life as we choose and to have financial options in life.

Wisdom - values of Graham Wells and GroWiser Financial Coaching


The integration of knowledge, experience and deep understanding to help enjoy a life in tune with our values.

GroWiser Financial Coaching is a trading name of Wellstech Financial Ltd. Registered in Scotland, company number SC491686. Registered address: 18 Knowesley Park, Haddington, East Lothian, EH41 3TB.

We are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and will never recommend or provide opinion on the suitability of financial products such as pensions, investments, insurance contracts or debt arrangements. We can help you understand your relationship with money and plan for your future financial peace of mind, but we are not a financial intermediary. If you need specific advice, you should seek the services of a regulated financial adviser or a regulated debt counsellor.

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