How it works

The GroWiser process

Your road to an exciting financial future starts with just three simple steps, and you’ll benefit from my expert guidance and reassurance through each one of them.

Supporting your financial and personal growth

When it comes to sorting out your life and finances, there’s no need to overcomplicate things. The simple steps outlined below represent a tried-and-tested framework to feel lighter and brighter about your financial future.

Remember, though, that this is your endeavour, which means you’re in charge. If you feel you’d like additional guidance, or want to do things slightly differently, get in touch and let’s make it happen together.

Step 1

Start your journey

The first stage of the process is a conversation about what we could achieve by working together. Simply book a free 30-minute call at a time to suit you to begin.

This is our “chemistry meeting”, to make sure you click with me, and vice versa. Regardless, there’s no obligation to sign up for any further services at this stage.

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Step 2

Establish your aims

If you decide to take things further, we’ll delve more deeply into what a successful outcome would be for you. This lasts 90 minutes and will bring real clarity to your priorities in life, whilst shaping how we can best work together.

You’ll be invited to complete a simple exercise, which is designed to help you re-evaluate your priorities. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about your next move.

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Step 3

Choose your path

The services available to you through GroWiser fall broadly into two areas: financial coaching and financial planning. All you need to do is pick the programme that’s right for your needs, which in some cases, might involve a blend of coaching and planning.

In some cases, it may be appropriate to opt for one-off sessions on an ad hoc basis, too. It’s about finding the solution that will help you find lasting confidence and happiness.

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Are you a financial professional?

If you’re a financial adviser or planner looking to develop a coaching-led experience for your valued clients, you might just find the perfect partner in me. Learn how my training consultancy and partnership opportunities can bring deeper insight into your clients’ financial aspirations, habits and behaviours.

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Listen to clients describing their experience

The outcomes you’ll achieve by working with me can make a big difference to your life, but don’t just take my word for it. Hear from real people who’ve already been through the journey.



For the times when you’d like to gain a little more financial wisdom and insight, I’ve made some useful resources available for you to use at your leisure.

I am so pleased I have worked with Graham over the last few months as it has helped me enormously. Having someone to talk to about all things personal finance who has such a huge depth of knowledge as well as warm and kind manner is so powerful when needing to make decisions around money. Also knowing that I can go back to him anytime for a top up session should anything arise that I need to get clarity with gives me a feeling of calm. I would thoroughly recommend Graham to anyone looking to make changes or deepen their knowledge in their financial life.
Mari Gillingham
Mari Gillingham
We were at a bit of a crossroads with regards to our finances and Graham helped us enormously to look at where we currently are and sort out a long term financial plan working towards retirement and our kids (hopefully) leaving home! Using the financial planning tool very much helped us to clarify an investment strategy and his coaching approach worked well for us. We would certainly use him again in the future as and when we need further help.
Morven Houston
Morven Houston
As I approached retirement I needed to review and organise my finances to understand how to set my retirement lifestyle (affordability) and to gain confidence in taking investment decisions (sustain affordability). Graham came through his profile on a Boring Money listing. After an initial meeting where I found Graham to be an excellent listener and a supportive skilled financial coach, together over a short series of meetings we built my financial plan and Graham gave me targeted advice and coaching on key decisions. This was a very empowering process with a tangible output at the end (a ‘lifetime’ financial plan). I now feel well set up for retirement and more confident in handling my investment decisions. Over the medium term I intend to grow that financial confidence and take further financial health-checks with Graham as coach-enabler.
Vanessa Kettner
Vanessa Kettner
Graham and I began working together in September 2020. I got in touch because several things in my financial ecosystem had changed: I had moved to a new country; I was now in a serious relationship, so there were two sets of finances to think about rather than just one; and the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic had tornadoed through my self-employment income. I needed help navigating the new terrain. As a result of working with Graham, I now feel completely empowered and motivated when it comes to what I am creating in my financial life. I have a detailed plan that I work on every day; I have tons of confidence; and I have a bulked-up toolkit. I give Graham my highest recommendation; I would not be where I am today without him repeatedly showing up to draw my dreams out of me and then keep me accountable to their execution.
Andy Hobbs
Andy Hobbs
We decided to work with Graham when feeling a lack of control and ownership in terms of managing our finances. Through a skilled, friendly and knowledgeable approach Graham helped us to make some simple decisions, understand the pros and cons of different decisions and feel a life more empowered regarding our finances
Abigail Nwaocha
Abigail Nwaocha
Working with Graham has been absolutely amazing! Over the past six months, it has truly been the best investment I have ever made. Prior to working with him, I felt overwhelmed and struggled to manage my finances effectively. I had goals of saving and investing, but I lacked the knowledge and confidence to take the necessary steps. Graham has not only helped me establish a solid foundation for saving and investing but has also provided invaluable accountability and support. Thanks to his guidance, I have gained clarity on where my money is going and have a clear plan for my financial future. Despite the unpredictable economy, I have been able to maintain my desired lifestyle without any financial strain. Moreover, Graham has helped me achieve significant savings goals, including saving for future investments and important expenses. He has also helped me develop a comprehensive financial strategy, including insurance coverage and emergency funds. As a result, I am in a secure position to support both my personal needs and those of my family. Overall, working with Graham as my financial coach has been a blessing. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking expert guidance and support in managing their finances.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith
I was feeling frustrated that I didn't know enough about money to feel empowered. I knew I wanted to learn better habits regarding money. After 6 sessions with Graham, I am more financially empowered than I ever have been. I'm new to business and finance and I have some really great practices and routines in place that work within the unique context of my life. Graham and I worked together to set goals that will help me specifically, and nothing was a one size fits all. All of my sessions were tailored to the goals that I had set myself for a variety of specific and personal reasons. Maybe he should've dropped off some business cards when I left secondary school in 2004!
Jess Rowe
Jess Rowe
I felt like my finances were out of control. I was spending money but didn't have a lot of awareness around where it was actually going. I also wanted to start feeling more empowered with my money, saving and getting a certain amount of saving in my bank. Graham has given me tools to be able to lay out what I spend my money on and how much I have left over. This has given me the awareness that I was wanting to have. He has also helped me feel empowered with my money through mindset and I am now excited every week that I get paid instead of having anxiety and fear that my money will fly out the bank without me be aware of where it is going. I have become a lot more aware of where my money is going and what I am spending on things. I am excited to feel more in control with my money and to continuously see my savings rise. Graham holds space for his clients and asks questions that help me get to the deeper meaning or root cause of why something might be happening.
Alex Priest
Alex Priest
Graham is a fantastic financial coach, combining expert financial knowledge with top-notch coaching skills, as well as real empathy and warmth. From the very first session we felt empowered and supported. Graham provided such a clear framework to help us address our key issues and was always affirming and responsive to our personal situation. He helped demystify the “big picture” financial planning questions which had daunted us for many years, enabling us to come up with tangible solutions and achievable next steps. Graham also provided much needed structure and accountability throughout the process. By the end of our sessions we’d made so much progress and continue to feel the benefits of putting his advice to use! We heartily recommend Graham and Growiser without any hesitation. Alex & Esther
Douglas Millar
Douglas Millar
Turning to Growiser Financial Coaching for assistance has been, without a doubt, the best decision I have made in the last 10 years. Since earning a full time wage I have always had a niggling feeling that I needed to understand the dark arts of money and how to save properly. Like many others, it appeared an incredibly difficult world to navigate and understand. 20 years later, I sold my house which left me with a small amount of excess cash. I decided it was time to educate myself on the options I had. I reached out to Graham knowing he had an extensive knowledge of the financial industry. From that very first meeting he listened to my needs and created a tailored approach which gave me newfound confidence and understanding towards my finances. His expert advice and careful guidance has made me excited about my financial future in a way I didn't think was possible. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services, everyone should benefit from his wisdom and ability to demystify the world of personal finance.