Financial Life Planning

Financial life planning uses cashflow modelling to help visualise your financial future.

Life planning helps to identify those goals that can bring meaning and happiness to our lives.

Financial planning will tend to focus on monetary goals. This involves calculations and assumptions that can be used to identify the best way forward.

Blend the two together and Financial Life Planning seeks to create financial options in life that bring about wellbeing.

Visualise your lifetime goals and see the magic of cashflow modelling.

Your Discovery Meeting may be the start of your financial life planning journey. If so, we’ll build a detailed overview of your current finances and compare this against your ideal life. Then, with the use of sophisticated software, we can work out how much money you need.

You’ll have a bit of work to do yourself to help build a detailed summary of your income, expenditure, assets and liabilities. All the numbers will be crunched and we’ll identify whether you have a surplus or a shortfall over your expected lifetime. Or you might even be among the few people to have just the right amount!

This will involve a series of at least four 90 minute meetings where we review, adjust and finalise your financial plan. This will provide you with a visual representation of your planned financial future. You finish up with a summary of your agreed actions to bring the plan to life.

Find out what action you need to take, if any, to achieve financial freedom.

It could be that you need to adjust your retirement expectations, reduce spending, or make better use of your income and savings. Sometimes it can even involve spending more now to make the most of life whilst you’re fit enough to enjoy it!

The cost of financial life planning can vary, depending on the complexity of your situation, but expect to pay:

Financial Life Plan
for individuals
Financial Life Plan
for couples

Cashflow modelling provides a visual representation of how your financial future could look.

Lifetime Cashflow Modelling

A combination of deep, reflective thinking about your life purpose and values, combined with detailed analysis of your finances can be a transformational experience.

Financial Coaching will guide your through this process and provide you with an inspiring plan. Make the most of your time on this planet. Life is not a rehearsal – we only get one chance to make it count.