Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is the study of how we can use money to make us happier, not just wealthier.

Financial wellbeing is made up of five factors:

1. A clear path to identifiable objectives

2. Control of daily finances

3. The ability to cope with financial shocks

4. Financial options in life

5. Clarity and security for those we leave behind

Ongoing coaching and mentoring can help maintain the momentum of any initial work we do. Continue to build a deeper awareness of you and your finances and achieve a rounded sense of wellbeing.

Invest in personalised, quarterly coaching and mentoring sessions

You may already have achieved the first factor of financial wellbeing. That is, to create a clear path to identifiable objectives. And now you need ongoing help to reach your destination.

Or perhaps you have completed the GroWiser Money Coaching or Financial Life Planning programmes. If so, you may now benefit from a membership programme of ongoing coaching and mentoring.

To a large extent, you will control the direction of travel for ongoing support and guidance. Then, using the five factors of financial wellbeing as a guide, we can work together on a plan of continual education, self-awareness and empowerment.

This is achieved with quarterly sessions, which will be tailored to your individual circumstances. For those who have been on a journey of financial life planning, maintenance of your financial plan might be a key focus.

This membership service includes regular financial information, hints and tips. In addition, you have email access for high level questions. Combined with regular one to one sessions, this is a way to maintain momentum and keep on top of your finances. This service level is a monthly payment for as long a period as you wish to maintain quarterly meetings.

Financial Wellbeing programme for individuals
  • per month
Financial Wellbeing programme for couples
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The Financial Wellbeing Book by Chris Budd.

The Financial Wellbeing Book

The five factors of financial wellbeing are taken from this superb book by author, Chris Budd, who is also founder of the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing.

Proceeds from the book are donated to the Penny Brohn UK charity, which helps people with cancer find balance in their lives.

Find out more about the book here.