My journey to self-employment

After gradually building up the components of an online financial coaching practice, I finally left the security of full-time employment this week. Here’s a condensed summary of my journey to the fear, freedom and excitement of self-employment. It’s been a long time coming After 30 years of working in financial services, I finally gained theContinue reading “My journey to self-employment”

The biggest end-of-life regrets

This weekend brought the sad news of Prince Philip’s passing at the age of 99. But much less public, was news that someone from my year at school passed away, aged just 49. A difference in life span of half a century. When we are touched by the death of another person, it can causeContinue reading “The biggest end-of-life regrets”

Time to get off the Hedonic Treadmill?

Do you sometimes find yourself dreaming about how good it would be, or how much better you would feel when you got what you wanted? A new car, a bigger house, a promotion at work, a special holiday, even a new partner. Getting those things give us a boost of happiness, but have you everContinue reading “Time to get off the Hedonic Treadmill?”